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About the Author - Online For Authors

Bio: In 2018, after attending a large readers & writers festival, When Words Collide, in Calgary, AB., Jennifer Cockton knew her skills would help writers. The presenters were amazing, great room presence, wonderful content and audience engagement. When she went looking to find out more about them - online - the presence, she felt, did not match what she found in the room. She contacted the festival organizers to see how she could respectfully offer her help. The reply "would you speak at the festival?" In 2019, Jennifer presented at the same writers festival and launched Online For Authors. Online For Authors started by offering consulting to those that were at her presentation. She interviewed close friends that were Authors, created Author Profiles for those Authors and offered Annual Profile presence on the website. Online content was created for the Authors and they were marketed through the Online For Authors platforms monthly for a year. Along the way Online For Authors has grown. Authors have asked for various types of assistance: event support, cross promotion of events, database building and maintenance, content creation, website edits, monthly newsletter delivery, video reels, reviews, category and key word optimization, uploads to various platforms to give authors more exposure. Online for Authors continues to help Authors build and engage online but there's so much more behind the scenes too. It all starts by looking at where the author is at and where they would like to be. Every author is unique and so is the readership. We look at everything from website, platform building, voice, story telling, collaboration, social presence and the type of delivery. Where and How is your book available? How are you getting in front of readers? Do you support a cause? Are you letting readers get to know you? Are you creating and running events? Are you sharing the person behind the writing (you) or are you hiding behind your book? The Focus - Are you giving your readers more than your book? Create Engagement with Online For Authors

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